What is Biocool?

Biocool is a leading brand in evaporative air conditioning cooling through innovation and constant development.

We provide the most effective and efficient solutions, respecting the environment, in any type of installation.


The machine has automatic control which minimise maintenance anda allow it to be adapted to diferents aplications.

Biocool in Mexico

Six years improving the working conditions of industrial buildings in Mexico, promoting sustainability. Biocool’s technology allows real-time monitoring and controling of temperature and humidity conditions in the environment.

Real benefits

evaporative cooling

The effective, economic and sustainable solution is the evaporative BIOair conditioning which provides a fresh atmosphere and confort, achiving appropiate temperatures for welfare of workers. 

All the benefits of efficiency energy that characterized the systems of Bio-air conditioning result in an economic saving significant in the account of the results of the companies users of the system.

Reduce temperature

between 7ºC and 20ºC by external conditions.

80% savings

low energy consumtion and spends up to 80& less than an A/C

Improves air quality

by moving dust, fumes and odors


allows air conditioning of certain areas


and Sustainability

Open doors

No need to close doors and windows

100% outdoor air

fresh air


static electricity

Increase productivity

Improves productivity

Easy installation

economic and saving money


Industry and Commercial sectors

Thermal stress is a problem that workers suffers when they develop their labor activity in a very hot environment, as a result of the combination of ambient heat (temperature and speed of the air, humidity, sun radiation or other sources of heat) generated by the own physical activity, and even because of work clothing that increase the temperature of the human body. As a consequence it may result in health disorders such a dehydratation, craps, dizziness and every faiting. 

Industrial sector is very wide and the problem of the heat effects the vast majority of the industrial buildings, each one of them with different productive activity characteristic, but with a common dificulty: the accumulation of heat. 



  • PROGRAMING according to humidty (3 programable pre-set modes).
  • PRE-COOLING SYSTEM before start up prevent hot air entering.

  • FILTER DRYING before stopping maximises hygiene.

  • DAILY OPERATION can be programmed for the next eight weeks.

  • EXTERNAL SENSOR reads temperature and humidigy

  • DRAINMAGE timer is adjustable

  • OPERATION PARAMETERS can be recovered in the event of a power outage.

  • INDIVIDUAL O GROUP OPERATION of units by remote control
  • IDENTIFICATION OF FAULTS and their origin.
  • ALLOWS to limit the humidity provided that influence the environmental conditions.
Smart City Cooler Control

ECO Cooling Solution

Wide range of models

  • BIO/18AV Flow  18.000 m3/h
    > Axial fan
    > Service weight 110 kg (242 lb)
    > Single-phase motor with adjustable flow. 
    > Max consumption 1,2 KW
    > Available in lover and upper outlet. 
  • BIO/30A Flow Low 30.000 m3/H
    > Axial fan                                                   > Service weight 175 KG (386 lb)
    > Three-phase motro with adjustable flow and 2 speeds 
    > Max consumption 3 kW
    > Available in lower and upper outlet 
  • BIO/18AIV  Flow 18,000 m3/H
    > Axial inverter fan
    > Service  Weight 100 kg (220 lb)
    > Single-Phase motor with adjustable flow. 
    > Available Lowerand and upper outlet 
  • BIO/18CV flow 18.000 m3/H                       > Centrifugal inverter fan 
    > Service weight 112 kg (247 lb)
    > Motor with adjustable flow
    > Max consumption  1,2 kW
    > Available in Lower Outlet
    > Silent
  • BIO/EXH                                                        > Extractor 15.000 m3/H
    > Consumption 1,2 kW
    > External Pre-filters

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