Polyurethane foam manufacturer, supplier for the automotive industry.

Location: Chihuahua, Mexico

Total work area:  3500 m2, 10  Bio30 units,  Smart City Cooler control.

Technological innovation, low water and energy consumption and lightweight design allow us to save on maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Polyurethane production warehouse

Location: Puebla, Mexico.

Total work area: 10,000 m2,  42 Bio18 units, Smart City Cooler control. 

We tried all kinds of systems to increase thermal comfort in our wharehouse, we tried hvac, ventilation and extraction. Biocool solved 100% our  indoor air problems. The cost-benefit ratio is relevant.

Automotive auto parts

Location: Estado de México

The air volume and design of industrial warehouse limited us to having hvac system, the extraction were  not enough to improved the confort and air quality. Biocool was the right solution.

Glass production warehouse

Location: Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Total work area: 5,000 m2 14  Biocool units,  Smart City Cooler control.

We tried everithing, but Biocool help us with so much! 

Lighting manufactur warehouse

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