Saving money
in investment operation and and maintenance
Long term relationships
with our clients and suppliers
Making work space
in more confortable
We take cafe of your
Human Capital
We support labor standars
confort certifications
with sustainable climate solution!
Evaporative cooling

About Us

Experience, seriousness and responsibility for the environment are three characteristics that are inherent in all the cooling products, services and projects we have been developing for six years in Mexico.

The best evaporative cooling machines

Industrial sustainable confort 

Biocool is a leading brand in evaporatingcooling through its constants innovation and developments.

Biocool is committed to innovation in the most sustainable climate solution.

Biocool is the benchmark comany in the eco-cooling sector.

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We use your personal data collected for: · Preparation of invoices · Information bulletins on clean energy and sustainability · To generate quotes and technical projects for the installation of renewable and evaporative equipment. For more information about the treatment and the rights that you can assert, you can access the comprehensive privacy notice: by sending an email to:

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